If you have been investing in the Share Market since long, you may have physical share certificates in your possession. It is a very tedious & time consuming activity to track the value of these certificates or to ensure that Dividends are actually being received or to follow-up on share splits/bonus shares, etc. 

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You can avail of our services for the following activities:

1.       Segregating the shares of Companies that have some value and the shares that have zero value

2.       Dematerializing the share certificates

3.       Claiming unpaid Dividends

4.       Transferring the shares in the name of 2nd holder / Nominee in case the 1st holder has expired

5.       Getting duplicate share certificates issued if originals are lost

If you have Physical Share Certificates which you would like to get de-materialized and/or require any other clarifications regarding these certificates, please send us a query. The Name of Company mentioned on the share certificates, Folio No. and Holders' Names are to be clearly mentioned while sending your query.